Common Refrigerator Issues

When it is Time for a Refrigerator Repair Service

As any other appliance in your household, refrigerators need regular maintenance, as well as occasional repairs. It would certainly be appropriate to read the manual, along with the user guide, that came with your refrigerator, as well as a good article on its basic operations. When you understand how that appliance functions, and are especially familiar with the particular model you own, it will be much easier for you to notice when things are going south.

Leaks are not as usual occurrences as in the old days, but can still take place. Any liquid spots, loss of cooling efficiency, or hissing sounds, may be a result of either a valve problem or a leak. If you are not versed enough to identify and repair appliance issues, make sure to get someone who is! Be sure to choose a reliable refrigerator repair technician, in order to extend the lifespan of your appliance, and make sure it serves you well! We, at D&W Appliance Repair Service, of Ashland City TN, will be happy to cater to all your appliance repair needs.

refrigerator repairElectrical issues and moisture
It may seem quite evident, but power supply usually start with the plug. If you are losing power, check whether your plug is inserted all the way. Also, be sure that you are on the appropriate house circuit, as well as that you have not defeated the grounding plug.
If you detect condensation on the inside and/or outside walls, there may be an issue with the thermostat or timer that help control the defrosting cycles. Condensation can accumulate under the bottom drawers as well. Do not simply mop up the evidence, without finding the cause(s) of the moisture.
Another issue that you should look for in frost-free models is – frost! If your freezer compartment is not remaining clear of frost and ice, then it is much more probable that you are dealing with a “programming” issue (circuitry, timers) than a chemical one.

Door insulation
Perhaps one of the most annoying and common issues with refrigerators of all ages, is the door insulation losing its efficacy and flexibility. If the insulation gets dry and begins to crack, harden, or warp, it will fail to keep the room air out. This will lead to increased interior temperature.
Check your insulation on a regular basis, and wipe it down with a “silicon conditioner”. You can get one at the hardware store. Baking soda will suffice as well. Be sure that there is a nice, tight seal when you close the refrigerator doors.
With time, you will get familiar with the sounds your refrigerator makes, as well as the amount of condensation and heat you will observe here and there, during its normal operation. If any of these factors changes, especially when they do so rapidly, you can safely assume that something is wrong. In this case, make sure you have the contact information of your refrigerator repair technician handy.

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